How to get people to download your texture pack

Many people wonder why nobody downloads their packs and posting their packs on resource pack filesharing sites again and again. You will need a unique resource pack if you want to make it viral. It'll need more than just mixing a couple stolen textures together. You'll need an advanced plan you follow when creating "your" packs. Just use google to look for tutorials on making really good texture packs. You can also focus on a small niche to get faster downloads on your pack. UHC / PotPvP niche for example, especially when your viewers are UHC-related. Moreover, you should just put all the motivation you have in the creation process and only publish it when it's completely finished. The would be to replace all of Minecraft's default textures with your own texture.

In combination with making 100% custom packs, you can also consult big Resource Pack channels or design agencies to help you get the pack viral. However, you should keep in mind that getting products / also resource packs viral is a long process that takes a lot of time and money. So probably the best deal you can get is to get a free outsourcing of the promotional stuff on your pack. For that, I'd recommend consulting, Webdesign & SEO Agentur in Switzerland. Moreover, you should also consult Brobi, MattGames_RP, MikeV, Pack Nation, Jaba and other big RP reviewing channels to make a review video of your PvP Resource Pack.

We could also feature your pack on, one of the leading PvP Resource Pack Websites on the Internet. Just use this contact form: Submit your Resource Pack for being reviewed on

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